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In December 1984, I bought a Fender Rhodes 73 electric piano with the idea of ​​starting learning to play the piano.

Miro Di Ghaesa ,guitar player of band TAKO - Merging of Sunlight into the memory of sand (remix 2019)

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Miro Di Ghaesa atelier:

Then I was 31 and because of the chronic problem of looking for a keyboardist for a band that could travel around Yugoslavia and Germany, I decided to take things As I started practicing ladders and arpeggios, I got a job in the Netherlands as a guitar player where I stayed for six months and had the means to buy the latest FM synthesizer Yamaha DX7 at the time. studied and practiced piano and prepared repertoire for performances on hotels on the Montenegrin coast, where I spent most of the next three years. , since I haven't played the guitar for a long time, I noticed that the technique was in serious decline and I realized that if I didn't renew my guitar work it would disappear as that I never played, because the break lasted for several years. And again, if I wanted to be a piano player it was necessary to continue improving. Since I was already working in music studios in 1989 I could not cover both time instruments and since the pursuit of perfection is always on me with a high ladder, I made the decision to return the guitar to the program and the piano to remain a vehicle for arrangement and composition.
In the 90's I did all the studio work so I made arrangements for a lot of recordings and projects. Goram Milosevic and Srdjan Marjanovic are the most famous performers for whom I made arrangements. These two albums were made in 1995 and 1996. I always made arrangements so that the compositions sound to the satisfaction of the performers and that I give as much as I can hear in those compositions. .
In 1995, I made all the arrangements for the album "I will confess all" of author and singer Srdjan Marjanović....

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Guitarwork from CD "I'll confess everything", arranged and played by Miroslav Dukic ( Miro Di Ghaesa) 1995,for singer and songwriter Srdjan Marjanović.
"Be Good" track from 1996's album "Do You Think About Me" of Goran Milosevic.
The composition "When luck knocks on your door" from Srdjan Marjanovic's album "I'll confess everything" in 1995.
The title track from Srdjan Marjanovic's album "I'll confess it all" in 1995 ...